3 Things To Do When Buying A New Car


A car is considered a necessity by most Americans. You need access to a reliable vehicle that will get you to work, social activities, and other destinations safely.

A lot of drivers make the choice to purchase a new car directly from a dealership. Buying new as opposed to used allows you to maximize the lifespan of your vehicle.

The process of shopping for a new vehicle can be intimidating. Here are three things that you can do to help make your experience a more positive one.

1. Schedule an Appointment

It can be beneficial to schedule an appointment with a salesperson at the dealership of your choice when looking to buy a new car.

Having an appointment means that you won't have to wait to receive the service you are looking for. A salesperson will set aside time to show you the specific vehicles you are interested in.

An appointment gives you the option to test drive multiple car makes and models without feeling rushed.

Call the dealership a few days before you plan to start shopping so that you will be able to receive the undivided attention you desire when looking for a new car.

2. List Your Wants and Needs

It is common for drivers to walk into a car dealership with a specific make and model in mind. While getting the car that you want can be thrilling, it may be more important to get the car that you need.

Bring a written list of your wants and needs to share with the salesperson. This allows your representative to help you identify multiple vehicles on the lot that have the features you are looking for.

You may end up discovering a vehicle that will serve you better in the long run when you allow the dealership to help guide your purchasing decision.

3. Ask for a Demonstration

You should never drive off the dealership lot without knowing how each of your new vehicle's features function.

Don't be afraid to ask your salesperson for a demonstration when it comes to turning on the headlights, windshield wipers, and climate control system. Make sure you know how to open the hood of the car and ask to be shown where the fuel door release is located.

Any dealership worth buying from will be happy to take the time to show you how to work each of the features available in your new car.

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13 December 2022

Car Dealer Auto Selection: How The Process Works

After going to my first auto auction, I became very interested in how dealers select the cars they're going to put on their lots. I spent a lot of time talking with local dealers, auction regulars, and others in the industry to learn the behind-the-scenes secrets to picking out the perfect auction cars and getting them lot-ready. I created this site to help others understand what goes into the process in the hopes that it would help car buyers understand what they're looking at when they hit the car lot. I hope the information here helps you better prepare for buying your next car.