Why A Smaller, Low-Riding Bike Should Be Your First Motorcycle


Are you in the market for your first motorcycle? There are, of course, multiple options out there, but many first-time riders will tell you that they appreciated purchasing a smaller street bike, or one that rides lower to the ground. A smaller, low-riding bike can offer some key advantages, especially when you are first learning how to ride a motorcycle. Here's why you might want to look at Street Bobs or any other smaller, low-riding bike when it's time to buy your first motorcycle.

Smaller Bikes Are More Affordable

First of all, there are exceptions when buying high-end brands, but in general, a smaller bike is going to cost less money than a larger bike. When you opt for a small street bike, you are getting an entry-level motorcycle for an entry-level price. If you've gone for years without ever moving forward with your dream of owning a motorcycle, take a look at some smaller bikes and you may find one that is within your budget after all.

Smaller, Low-Riding Bikes Are Easier to Maneuver

Just because a bike is smaller doesn't mean it's any less of a motorcycle out on the road. In fact, some motorcyclists will tell you they actually prefer a smaller, low-riding bike because these motorcycles are easier to maneuver. You can have a lot of fun if you take the bike out to a dirt road, and it could even offer some advantages in town or on the highway as a smaller bike is easier to park and might also be able to weave in and out of traffic with greater ease.

A Low-Riding Street Bike Can Offer an Aesthetic That Many Bikers Enjoy

Just because a bike is considered small or entry-level does not mean it's not capable of looking just as cool as any other bike. In fact, some bikers actually prefer a small-profile bike that rides low to the ground. This kind of bike can offer a classic aesthetic, which can help it look and feel like how many bikers envision when thinking about riding their motorcycle. Some smaller street bikes even lean into this look, matching a low seat with higher handlebars and some additional cosmetic flair.

If you are interested in getting your first motorcycle, you can't go wrong with a motorcycle like a Street Bob or any other type of bike that is designed to be small and easy to maneuver while maintaining that bad-to-the-bone look and feel. Contact a local motorcycle vendor or dealer today for more information.


2 November 2021

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