4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for a Semi-trailer Dealership


If your business is ready to take that next step and start a fleet of semi-trucks to distribute products, then you should begin working with a dealership. But there are many dealerships of this type to choose from. The following are a few questions to keep in mind when looking at various dealerships.

Do they offer refurbished trailers?

Whether you want to purchase one or several trailers, you may want to buy used instead of new. Like anything else, this will save your company money. And this will also allow you to take these savings and purchase a larger number of trailers than you would otherwise be able to afford. The key to purchasing used trailers is not just a dealership that sells them, but also one that refurbishes them. This type of trailer has undergone a detailed inspection and then brought up a high quality through cleaning and repairs.

Do they service what they sell?

It is one thing for a business to sell trucks and trailers, but it is much better if they also service them. By offering both maintenance and repairs, a dealership demonstrates expertise in semi-truck trailers and a strong commitment to the trucking industry. They want a customer who not only buys a product today but will be a returning customer in the future.

Do they offer financing?

Many dealerships will carry their own financing, but you will need to know the specifics of their loans. If you are interested in a lease because of certain tax advantages that leasing has over buying, you will need to know what their terms are for this. Such things as the down payment requirements, the option to buy, payment scheduling options, collateral requirements, and the risk of obsolescence, are only a few of the important elements of leasing that you will want to know about.

Do they sell parts?

You may employ your own mechanic for light maintenance and repair, but this mechanic will need easy access to parts. A dealership should carry inventory or have quick access to all of the basic parts you will need to keep your trailers working properly without having to bring your trailer to a dealership or trailer servicing shop.

If you are in the market for one or more trailers for your newly purchased semi-truck or trucks, you will want to take extra time to find the right dealership. Start contacting Midwest truck trailer dealerships to learn more. 


31 August 2020

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