3 Reasons To Skip Purchasing An RV And Buy A Used Bus Instead


Do you like to travel and visit new places? Have you always wanted to buy an RV so that you could explore America and see new sights? A purpose-built RV can be fun but can also be an expensive investment. Fortunately, you do have another option when it comes to purchasing vehicles: buying a used bus. Although a bus might not be your first thought when it comes to travel, there are a variety of reasons why you should consider purchasing one. A few of these reasons include:

Cost: If you've ever gone shopping for an RV, you've likely discovered that even a used RV can cost more than you paid for your house. While these large and expensive RVs are comfortable, that kind of price can put them out of reach of most people. But if you look at used buses for sale, you'll likely be able to find a large bus that costs a fraction that it would cost to purchase the same size of RV. Even after you factor in the cost of doing things like removing the seats to install various furniture and appliances, you should still be able to get a bus that is a good size for much less than the cost of an RV.

Customization: When you purchase an RV, you may have a few customization options but the interior layout is usually more or less set. If you think having the bathroom area almost immediately behind the driver will be more convenient, you're generally out of luck. But because used buses for sale are a blank slate, you can do anything you want with them. If you want your travel vehicle to be as wheelchair-accessible as possible, you can do that. If you want to avoid having a set sleeping area in favor of more room for other things and using air mattresses, you can do that as well. The configuration is limited only by your imagination.

Durability: Because you're installing your own interior into the bus that you buy, you can swap it out at any time with something else entirely. Instead of being stuck having to choose, for example, from a specific range of toilets, you'll be able to put in whatever portable toilet you want. This means that as your needs change, you'll be able to change the vehicle along with it. Instead of having to trade in your RV for a new model after a few years, at an additional expense, you can simply swap things around for a lower cost and continue to use the same bus. This makes the bus more durable as a whole and better able to serve your needs.

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15 May 2017

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