Sounds To Listen For When Test Driving A Used Vehicle


Your ears can be a valuable ally when you're test driving a car that you're thinking about buying. Although it's easy to get focused on how the car handles or the conversation between you and the salesperson, you should always perform at least part of the test drive in silence so that you can assess the vehicle's sounds. Listening carefully in a number of different ways can help you to evaluate whether this might be the right vehicle for you, or whether you should focus your search on another model or even another make. Here are some specific sounds to listen for while you drive.

Engine Noise

Some used vehicles run noisier than others. While this detail may not make or break your purchase of the vehicle, it's nonetheless something that is valuable to consider. Listen to the sound of the engine when you're driving on normal city streets, when you're accelerating, and when you're driving on the highway. Ideally, you want the engine noise to be as quiet as possible. This is especially the case if you spend a lot of time in your car and use your phone while driving — for example, if you're a salesperson. The quieter the car, the easier your phone conversations will be.

Concerning Noises

It's also worthwhile to evaluate any other noises that you may hear during the test drive. Whether you're turning, braking, or simply idling in traffic, listen to how the car sounds. You want to simply hear the engine running and little else. For example, you don't want to hear rattling, ticking, or grinding at any point — these things are especially important to listen for when you're test driving a used car, as the car may need some work done before you buy it.

Window And Sunroof Noise

Many drivers enjoy being able to drive with one or more windows down, or with the sunroof fully or partially open. If you fit this group, test these things out at highway speed. Some vehicles are quieter than others with the windows down and/or the sunroof open. Evaluate how loudly you'd need to talk to have a conversation with your passenger when the windows are down. Is the wind loud enough that you have to shout to be heard? Or can you enjoy some fresh air and still be able to converse without significantly raising your voice? The latter is a preferable scenario.


12 May 2017

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